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PI.MAR. s.r.l.

Registered Office
Via Manzoni, 32
73020 Cursi (LE) - Italy

Offices and production
S.S. Lecce - Maglie
usc. Melpignano Staz.
73020 Melpignano (LE) - Italy


Owing to 150 years’ experience PIMAR has been able to second the creativity of the world’s major architects and designers with the guarantee of first-quality building materials. Experience, updated quarrying technologies, technicians’ counselling, highly qualified staff: that’s what PIMAR offers.

Therefore PIMAR guarantees perfect completion and valuable help to any project.

Three generations of stone manufacturers, one after the other, inherited the task to offer a unique type of stone to the builders of their home country.
Throughout 150 years PIMAR has never betrayed its aim. Since the XVII century local artists have been able to make the most of the quality and versatility of our Lecce limestone in different types of buildings of unrivalled beauty and solidity.

The Marroccos have been widening their properties of quarries of Lecce limestone. They are now owners of a huge layer of Lecce limestone, 40 hectares wide.
Their experience during 150 years guarantees a perfect know–how in the manufacturing of a versatile, ductile and cosmopolitan stone – a real family’s stone.
Which is also a guarantee of quality and choice in the manufacturing of this stone, thanks to the Variousty of the product offered to builders all over the world. Only experience can allow to fulfil any architectural request : that’s what PIMAR can do.

Every day a qualified staff of diggers, stone-cutters and craftsmen work hard to modify the stone and guarantee the best quality from quarrying to the final product.

A front-office Department with qualified technicians and interior architects guarantees success through exhaustive help to find out the exact use and care of our product.

top quality has always been PIMAR’s concern - the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certification shows that. It is a certification concerning all phases in course of execution to meet all customers’ demands on the unique features of our product..

The increase of production, our presence in the major trading fairs, our new offices in the world’s most strategic trading points show that PIMAR is expanding its production of Lecce limestone.
But that’s not enough. Actually our Headquarters are being widened and re-organized owing to the necessity of improving the communication with our clients and the quality of our products
The advantages for each Department of the company are obvious.

Widening the offices improves
the relationship with our clients.
Better office locations allow to welcome properly our clients making easier our architects’ communication and help about the fittest use of our products. Having more functional locations for our experts helps to improve production fluxes and communication within our company. The involvement of all our qualified staff gives the opportunity of professional help within each specific Department.

Our new production lines
are widening and involve all the staff.

Widening workshops and warehouses allows to optimize the production flux and therefore to have better quality and amount of the final product. Top quarrying and working technologies mean lower waste of materials and time as well as improved production flux in order to have the whole safeguard of the product.

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